Ways That Porn Pics Affect the Brain

We can all agree on the things pornography does to the human body! For men (who lead the statistics for porn watchers), the primary culprit is the penis becoming turgid and ready for action. If a partner is present, they will talk about penetrative or non-penetrative sex. At other times, they may resort to self-stimulation (otherwise called masturbation).

For women turned on by porn, what you get are hard nipples and swollen clits; again we will most likely seek release, whether with a partner or not.

However, did you know that porn affects other, non-sexual parts of the body, including the brain? Yes, porn consumption, according to Eggheads, alters the brain to significant extents. They say you (sorry, I mean we) should all worry about the long-term effects on the human mind. Without further ado, here the ways porn affects the brain:

You will need more and more and more (porn)

There is a part of the brain called the Limbic system that controls basic emotions such as fear and anger. This system also controls your response to sex. So when you look at sexual imagery, dopamine floods these regions, causing an intense feeling of pleasure. Watching porn regularly often means the pleasure response from the direct reinforcers (fancy speak for your porn material), takes the brain into overdrive. In other words, you will need larger hits/doses of the kinkiest pornographic material to achieve any satisfaction!

Your brain may be shrinking

This reality hits more with the male folk. Research shows that men who regularly consumed porn had smaller brain volume and fewer connections in the striatum, a brain region tied to reward processing, compared with those who didn’t view porn. Scary!

You may suffer visual turnoff

This situation occurs when the part of the brain that processes visual imagery steadily grows redundant. Scientists believe that regular viewing of porn causes the brain to divert blood flow from the visual cortex to focus on more pressing things, like being turned on.

You desire Instant gratification

Your porn-watching habits may reinforce your need to experience immediate payoffs as opposed to delayed gratification. In other words, you may not be willing to wait a long time for a reward (which also translates to not waiting for a partner before achieving self-orgasm).

Now that you see the way porn affects the brain, will it be an aye or a nay to porn watching?